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July 16, 2022 - 48km from Pian Munè, Valle Varaita between Templar paths, up to Saluzzo school Rosa Bianca

 Yesterday I made this beautiful 48.5km walk between Pian Munè and Saluzzo passing through the Varaita Valley, with the goal of the IC Rosa Bianca school.

I arrive in front of IC Rosa Bianca


 Departure near Pian Munè a few minutes after eight in the morning, then Droe hamlet and Bertorello refuge. I cross the valley to head towards Pian Pilun, where I find a cyclist resting. At this point I head towards the Gilba valley, turning left at that crossroads which usually takes me to Becetto if taken to the right. The road is beautiful, perfectly suitable for motor vehicles too. Then I go down and cross various villages including Borgata Danna. Some are well restored and full of people. Others totally deserted and in decay. I have even seen one with a sundial perfectly calibrated to the exact time (Borgata Chiabrandi), equipped with a beautiful church in the center ...

Valley of Gilba

 I must write that continuing towards the path you can perceive a high level of religiosity in past centuries in those areas given the very high number of chapels, pillars and even imposing churches such as 'Madonna della Betulla', built in the middle of the woods. Building that has nothing to envy to others present in the large urban centers of the plain. I immediately see a Cross at its entrance with the typical sword shape linked to the Order of the Templars, and it is nice to see the EYE IN THE TRIANGLE THAT OBSERVES THE WORLD in the votive pylon of the same courtyard ... Some assumptions then confirmed later at home with a brief search on the internet, finding without too much surprise the confirmation of the passage from the Varaita Valley to France of this extinct Order ... I indicate here one:, not Randomly, knights are depicted on each pylon! I eat a first snack in the portico of the umpteenth small chapel built on one of the many watersheds, 'San Bernardo delle Sottole' and then I leave.

Ennersimo pylon on the trail

 I head towards Brossasco, crossing the country. Here many memories of my past life emerge in me related to the help for the implementation of the Fitwalking of the Valle Varaita Trail (thanks to the organizer Riccardo) ... I go ahead and head towards Venasca / Isasca, it is difficult to say since at a certain point the paths thicken and become barely visible due to the leaves. Many mistakes start at the crossroads, which take away more time together with that of the observation of the previous religious buildings of which I have always been passionate, buth he clock is no longer my problem in this world increasingly obsessed with time!

Cows grazing in the woods


I continue without water that was abundant before, but given the wooded desolation of the stretch beyond Isasca and Borgata Cuniglia I passed several kilometers at the turn of midday until about 2.00 pm without finding any fountains. Near Borgata Cuniglia I find a group of ancient ruined huts with a small square and a trickle of water that still 'throws' from a fountain, so I take the opportunity to wet my head and drink. The heat at one point was a sensation well over 30 degrees.

Meridiana Borgata Chiabrandi


Chiabrandi village chapel


San Bernardo of the Sottole


Above Piasco the private properties begin with various fences in the woods, which I run along until you reach easily passable mule tracks. The first houses emerge, even if they are still very thin.


Pylon with eye and Templar knight



Madonna of the Birch


Sword Creace (possibly Templar)

Eye observing the world in the triangle

The asphalt begins and within a few kilometers I am in Piasco. At that point I drink and feel a great heat reflected from the asphalt of the plain. I am at the 38th kilometer and the final straight stretch begins towards Saluzzo, crossing Verzuolo and Manta. I pass through alternative roads to the very busy state road, taking the cycle path. At each fountain I stop to calm the temperature since even though it is already 18.00 the heat here is much higher than that perceived in the woods during peak hours. 

Saint Lucia


Another pylon with Templar knight


At 18.39 I arrive in front of the Garden of the Rosa Bianca Middle School (where I teach), then the last video and customary photos.

I can write that I have voluntarily taken it very comfortably as from a number of excursions to this part, so still with relatively fresh legs, it was nice to explore new places for so many little discoveries that I did not know before.

I close the route in 10 hours and 25 minutes for a distance of about 48km and over 3900m of difference in Valle Po, the Varaita Valley and the plain. A beautiful adventure always prepared with the weekly Monotraining Technique

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