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Small walking route: Envie, Montebracco, Madonna della Neve Chapel, and return

Map and altitude profile

For a few weeks, I had planned to reach a destination that I occasionally reminisced about, connected to the old hikes I used to suggest during the days of the Tempio del Fitness Gym in Revello. The goal was to reach the Madonna della Neve Chapel located on the border between Barge and Occa di Envie.

Since December 27, 2023, I had intended to undertake this journey, but an unpleasant bronchitis kept me at home. Nonetheless, I am proposing it again today, 13 jannuary 2024.

Thoughts from my past life occasionally resurface, leading me to embark on something, and so here is this little adventure on foot...

After assisting my neighbor in moving a very heavy piece of furniture early in the morning and a long period of inactivity due to various "10,000 commitments" and studying, I find myself ready to stride towards a moment of freedom in the midst of nature. Sitting for too long makes me really need it!

This morning, I lazed around and got up late; let's say I got out of bed just before 9:00. However, my alarm had been ringing persistently at 5:00 or even 4:00 in the morning for many days. Moreover, yesterday I had a clinical seminar in Gorla Minore at the Creso Osteopathy School, leading to another early wake-up, coupled with an evening invitation to a party organized by a gym in my area. So, this morning, I paid the price in terms of "lounging," but perhaps it was needed.

At the Crossroads

I set out a few minutes after 10:00, wearing my old solar-powered Casio watch (a miracle as it has been working for 20 years without external charging!) and the now obsolete but still remarkable Garmin 305, which this time was not measuring the distance (I think it's broken!). Actually, I didn't even bother checking them. No worries, WikiLoc on my phone did all the tracking work, which I am reviewing now as I write.

OCCA Nativity Scene
I climbed towards San Bernardo, but as soon as I reached the firebreak road, I turned right to follow it towards Trappa. I can mention that there was a beautiful nativity scene above Occa, now disused along the way. So, reaching the Trappa junction, I turned towards Madonna della Neve following the signs. A bit further, there were some cliffs with two young people climbing, and a blue Panda was parked just below, given the drivable road. I continued for another 200 meters and glimpsed the small chapel (which is actually two), the newer and well-painted one in the foreground. However, the one that interested me more was the older one a little behind, situated on a stone peak. The door, though padlocked, has been open since the days of Fitwalking outings from the Revellese Gym, perhaps always open! It's better that way because it would be a shame not to be able to enter and observe its distinctive interior. Lola waits for me, and I explore its fresco, now only present in its central part, although it is evident that it was once much larger. The downside is that you can no longer read either the author or the date of creation!

Who's that old man there!!!

Final Directions

Inside the Chapel

I turn back and sit along the roadside for a brief snack, also for Lola. I see another Fiat Panda ascending, but this time it's white. I didn't expect all that traffic in that place...

A meager trace of snow in the shade, with Lola being curious...

I descend calmly for a few kilometers and reach the old picnic area exactly 12 km from the start. Here, with the Fitwalkers group from the Tempio del Fitness gym, we always stopped for a quick meal offered by the participants and some relaxing moments of conversation. Beautiful memories from many years ago now! I take the opportunity to greet all the old friends.

Picnic Area and Madonna della Neve Chapel in the top right

I begin the return journey and retrace the entire firebreak road in reverse to reach the San Bernardo junction (next to the Envie aqueduct). Then, I turn left for the final descent and shoot another short video near the votive pillar, since I had stopped to drink at the 19th km. So, another 2 km and then home, concluding the route with a total of 21.11 km and 1420 m of positive elevation gain, lasting 4 hours and 21 minutes.

Usual Votive Pillar towards San Bernardo

I am always amazed at what is possible with the Monoallenamento weekly technique, as it remains productive even during long breaks. After all, in these almost 6 years of Osteopathy, my walking sessions have been quite sporadic, although I am already pleased to have managed to do some.

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