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From Envie to the Chapel of San Ponzio (Castellar) passing through San Bernardo and Revello

Well what to do the day before your birthday? A walking adventure without training is definitely what you need!

My last outing was in September before taking a 'study break' which I thought was productive. Instead it was a mistake because I found in my person a strong physical decay due to sitting too many hours every day. After this experience, I believe that an athlete who has played sports all his life cannot sit still and I believe that the discomfort that is created is much higher than that perceived by a person 'used' to being sedentary. For me, staying completely still for all these months was a big stretch that I have now decided to abandon, to return to my usual lifestyle... Therefore this outing was the springboard for new kilometer-long walks thanks to the use of the mono-training technique. Furthermore, given the achievement of the last year in the course of studies in osteopathy with attendance at the final fifth year already forwarded, I am considering the idea of ​​resuming competing in the competitive world of ultratrail in a few months (perhaps) but to succeed I have to start to be very regular with the weekly outings. Also because thanks to this series of events I paradoxically noticed that I can study more if I train and I was naive to believe otherwise.

So this morning shortly after 9.00 I left my home in Envie to head towards the usual crossroads of San Bernardo, on the watershed between Envie and Rifreddo. Along the crest of Mombracco I headed towards Revello, the old municipality of residence dating back to the 18 years of Palestra Tempio del Fitness (2001-2019).

San Michele di Revello

I walked through all the chapels on the hill of Revello, between San Leonardo and Campanile Piccolo, then Santa Sofia, passing through the belvedere of the hill and approaching the Chapel of San Biagio without crossing it completely. After passing the old Piazza d'Armi near the ruins of the castle even if it is now an orchard, here memories of some astronomy evenings that I had held in that very place with the stationing of various telescopes came to my mind... Before and second, then more...

Chapel of San Leonardo

Small bell tower

Hagia Sophia Chapel

Belvedere area

Ancient Piazza d'Armi - now an orchard

So I went down again following the road and other memories that surface, therefore a due break with video at the bell tower of Revello with the observation of the country from above after so many years of absence. I descended further to walk the old alleys under the bell tower, waving to some cyclists who were climbing. I turn left and I see that the old house is still empty, then I approach the alley of the fig tree (as I have always called it because of a plant that produced delicious fruit and is still there after 5 years of absence), a new video and I go down again.


Alley under the bell tower of Revello

I approach the street of my old gym, a place that for many years has been the starting point of all my adventures on foot! I arrive in front of the lowered shutters, which I observe with great nostalgia. On one of these there was even a green mural (if you can call it that since it looks more like a doodle). The usual photo here too and across piazza San Rocco to head towards via Sant'Ilario. I caught a glimpse of some old clients of the gym. I begin the long flat journey towards the Po Bridge. Here too I notice some passersby in the car who greet me even if I haven't been able to figure out who they are. I was glad that people still remember me after such a long time. Quick trip.

Temple of Fitness now closed

Arrived at the Po Bridge, turn left to take the road against the flow in order to see the fast cars passing by. I run non-stop towards the golf courses of Castellar and notice the presence of a beautiful new cycle path, which in all probability hooks up to that of Envie, the Via della Pietra.

Worrying river Po increasingly dry!

I walk a bit, for no more than 300m and then I start running again without pausing up to the church of San Ponzio di Castellar.

In front of the Chapel of San Ponzio

A small chapel surrounded by orchards and which now crosses the new cycle path of the town. Stopover place during the group excursions that I organized in the 'times that were'...

A short video and a tour around the structure, then stop for a moment for a quick snack enjoying a good panna cotta, which I adore.

A few minutes later I'm back on the road. I choose to use a new route to return, skirting the Saluzzese prison house passing through the fields. I head to the Po bridge of the Revello-Saluzzo state road and the crossing finally arriving near my area. I turn right and pass the building warehouse. Quiet country roads and I approach San Fermin, the legs here are starting to act up but I insist on finishing as soon as possible. I cross the main road in via Staffarda and shortly after I go left on the dirt road that takes me home for the few remaining kilometres.

Panorama of Monviso on the way back

I close the circle with 26km of travel in 4 hours and 12 minutes. In between there was also a certain degree of difference in altitude due to the Monte Bracco hill in the initial phase of the journey.

I was very satisfied because even on this occasion Monotraining demonstrated its effectiveness given that the results are indelible even after months of pause, given the infrequent nature of the method, which makes the ultra-resistance component a 'fully acquired ability' regardless from short-term preparation.

This was the last lap as a 46-year-old since tomorrow (January 4) it will be 47 candles and I feel more and more projected towards 50 years, given that the times of the first 40 years are now far away! I can write that despite the years I feel satisfied since my body and my mind are still grinding sporting adventures and working on work projects for the future despite my age, this still makes me feel full of energy. Among other things, the third edition of 'Ultratrail with mono-training' should be out soon.

I conclude by writing that with my studies in osteopathy I am in good shape taking into account the great changes of recent years given the increasingly imminent recognition of the profession (hopefully), the study path has become very complicated, in my opinion. Especially for sports graduates like me. What can I say, one step at a time and in the meantime 'get started' with sport! It's the only real way to slow down aging, avoiding exaggerations, however, it's important to point this out.

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